DJ Chris Bean


Next Event:  

 El Quinto –  Saturday 30th November 7 – 11.30pm 


We are thrilled to host Chris Bean at our next event.  This is an El Quinto special:  We decided it was a long time until El Quinto begins again in the New Year!  Chris is a young, experienced and enthusiastic dancer and DJ who lives up north,  you know that there Scotland, where he has a cute obsession with the Scottish coo, and enjoys exploring the Highlands.  He is originally from New Zealand and lives together with his extraordinary and talented wife Monique; both contributing to the Argentine tango scene in and around Edinburgh, holding both international and local events and teaching local residents.  We can look forward to Chris playing us an eminently danceable set, and he promises he’ll be dancing too (he can’t help himself…I’m so glad).

Sawley Memorial Hall, Nottingham – Saturday 7 – 11.30pm

30th November 2019


Dates for 2019 


January 20th – DJ Nick King

March 31st – DJ John Tan

June 30th – DJ Fabienne Inez

September 8th – DJ Sue Morgan

                                                  November 30th (Saturday) – DJ Chris Bean


Dates for 2020

March change to be confirmed

June 28th

August 30th

November 29th