El Quinto takes place at Springfield Hall, a former Victorian Methodist church which has been beautifully refurbished and boasts a 60ft x 30ft wooden dance floor, which is well cared for, making pivoting easy!

The vaulted ceiling creates a grand effect with elegant chandeliers which makes it possible to mirada/cabaceo.

There is a fully stocked bar and snacks are made available.

The hall is a five minute drive from J25 of the M1. Full information is available at the Springfield Hall Website.

El Quinto March 2013

El Quinto March 2013

Springfield Hall
18 Grasmere Street (Back entrance, please use the front on Station Road)
NG10 5BD

Car parking is free and the car park is adjacent to the venue on Bridge Street. The entrance to Springfield Hall is found on Station Road. If possible try to avoid parking on Grasmere Street where residents live.